Friday, 22 June 2007

What about Pete Bellotte?

As a Friday treat I've chosen to showcase one of the most prolific producers of all time.

What can I say about Giorgio Moroder that hasn't already been said? Not much really - he is clearly an innovator, a master of electronica who has released hits across pop, rock, dance, musicals and soundtracks. Everyone knows that Giorgio became world famous for his work with Donna Summer, Blondie, Munich Machine and his dedication to facial hair.

Here are three tunes from the seventies:

"Tears" - Giorgio donated his organ(!) to DJ Shadow from this track which is off his first album, Son of My Father, released in 1972.

"Utopia - Me Giorgio" is from his popular 1977 album From Here to Eternity.

"Evolution" is an epic dancer that takes up the entire B-side of the Battlestar Galactica album from 1978.

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