Sunday, 24 June 2007

Short and sweet

A short post tonight - when I heard this I was shocked by how modern it still sounds whilst also taking me back to getting home from school and for some unexplained reason really enjoying watching the Tour De France solidly every day for each week it was on. Channel 4 would show it at 6:00pm each week night and I bloody loved it and developed a pre Big Brother addiction, secretly hoping the peloton would collapse on a particularly nasty stretch of the alps 

Either way the theme tune for the Tour de France wasn't actually used by Channel 4 at all (I think) although it has had so many reworking's that even the band are slightly unsure of the which is the original - certainly Francois K got to work his magic on a remix. This one is taken from the live shows released on the Minimum/Maximum album.

Kraftwerk - Tour De France.mp3


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