Monday, 18 June 2007

Gourmet burgers and singapore noodles...

After returning from Wireless in Leeds (which was a great day out) I felt I would keep the theme going from Haydn's lead and post a handful of tunes from the bands that stood out on the day.

The dance tent was rocking when Digitalism took to the stage in the early afternoon armed only with a laptop, a drum pad and the abiding throng of sweaty northerners. I really thought their album was a good effort and was surprised at how much they they got the crowd going - the beats in the sunshine went down very well indeed. Idealism is definitely worth getting hold of - you can find the original mix of the track below on that LP.

Digitalism - Zdarlight (Discodrome Mix)

You've got to love CSS - I missed getting tickets for them at the Ritz a few months ago and really regretted it. Any purple cat-suited Bjork-like madness from Lovefoxx and Co. in the heat (neck slightly burnt this morning) can only be good.

Other incidents of note - Jo acting quite cool for once in front of famous people as the lead singer of the Klaxons bummed a cig, Daft Punk delivering an exceptional set complete with pyramid light show and the fuzzy heads driving back to Manchester from all the second hand poppers.

The food was good though in case you are all wondering...

CSS - Alala (Bondo Do Role Remix)

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