Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ugly Talented Mix Series: No 4 - Beat Electric

Sweet lord, Christmas has come early! Yes sir!

And so the Ugly Talented Mix Series rolls on after a brief hiatus and we're kicking this refreshed feature off with one of the best blogs out there. It's a genuine personal favourite of both myself and Haydn plus home to my most used 'smart playlist' on my Ipod.

Beat Electric deliver some of the best unsung and rare Disco-Lazer-Soul-Uber-Funk goodness that you will ever hear courtesy of our San Francisco brethren ripping vinyl 'til their fingers bleed. Subscribe now - your life is about to get so much better.

About 6 months ago our fellow Manchester bloggers 'Cosmic Disco' secured an awesome mix from Beat Electric and I seethed with jealousy for days. I can now finally lay that ghost to rest.

Here's the blurb from the West Coast boogie kings on the mix...

Here is a collection of tunes that have a synthy disco sound and a post disco, boogie feel. Trademarks of this sound are live drums, analogue synthesizers and funky bass lines. The mix follows a continuum of influence and contrasting styles of the music that gets us excited at Beat Electric. This is an all vinyl mix that was executed on a 1978 Bozak mixer that came out of the Midtown Manhattan club Inferno.

You all know how this works - let us know what the tracks are and we'll update you as you post comments. I'll have one eye on the responses and keep the track listing in check as you go.

Many thanks go out to the Beat Electric crew for pulling this together and not telling us where to get off after I did a bit of chasing. 'Tis truly an honour.


Ugly Talented Mix Series; No 4 - Beat Electric - Dancing In The Clouds Mix

Demis Roussos - I Dig You (7") 1977
Stargard - Wear It Out (Instrumental) 1979
Alphonse Mouzon - I'm Glad That You're Here (Disconet Remix) 1981
One On One - Body Music (Long Version) 1981
Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way That It Feels (12") 1979
Stephanie Mills - Put Your Body In It (12") 1979
Yvonne Gage - Garden Of Eve (Long Version) 1981
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face? (Female Vocal) 1980
Janice Christie - One Love (12") 1985
Funk Deluxe - This Time (Dub Version) 1984
Legacy - Word Up (Instrumental) 1982
Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna (Instrumental)
First Love - It's A Mystery To Me (12") 1982

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