Thursday, 21 June 2007

Just go for a stroll in the trees...

I always felt that the Stranglers didn't really have any peers musically in their genre which I guess you would say was punk. They never really sounded like your average punk band to me with the organs and funky bass/guitar riffs, especially on 'Peaches', where the tune rumbles along with a lazy half arsed menace and I guess that what's defined them. Never living through punk myself this observation could be way out but they do seem to occupy their own space, slightly isolated.

The second track is also a stranglers tune but a cover. Since we started the blog I have wanted to post quite a few covers and held back for whatever reason (apart from the Talking Heads cover of Take Me To The River). I really warm to a band that can give a different angle on a tune, especially a classic, and in this case (and I'm going to go Simon Cowell on you here) they '...make it there own.' Shit. I would have thought of something better there but time is of the essence and I need to shoot off to work.

'Walk on By' has to be one of the most inventive efforts around for a Burt Bacharach tune - you really get the pain from lyrics plus the organ and guitar solos are something else. Overlong and gratuitous? No way...

The Stranglers - Walk On By
The Stranglers - Peaches


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