Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Holidays, Hidden Folders and Hard Drives

With my feet back in England and the responsibility of blogging weighing heavy on my shoulders after a stint away I find myself faced with my music hard drive virtually melted on my return.

This poses a number of problems - the worst of it being how do I get my music off my iPod and onto my computer to get it back onto my iPod again (if anyone has had to do this regardless of all the freeware out there it's still an an arse to do.)

The answer? The network at work! As I am currently in a copying frenzy I have to admit that there isn't really a theme to this post and the first two tracks to appear on the network were getting posted as a means to save Haydn from a blogging U-tube addiction that has caught on in my absence. 

On that note a double act remix from Prins Thomas and Lindstrom of a personal favorite artist The Juan McLean plus Herbie reworked by Jeremy Ellis.

The Juan McLean - Tito's Way (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)
Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (Jeremy Ellis Remix)


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Thanks for the kind words. I'll be reading...

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