Tuesday, 31 July 2007

And into the third month...

Having made it into our third month with subscribers growing on a daily basis and the hits still coming in I would just like to thank everyone for reading the blog and long may it continue.

On the music front I'm posting what some may describe pure nonsense and quite possible they could be right but there is something compelling at the heart of these tracks from Mr Oizo. Either that or the fumes from the painting and decorating have finally gone to my head.

The truth be told, I love the fact that someone out there has made music like this and then had it released and that's why it's being posted.

A toast; to the art of noise and nonsense, from Captain Beefheart to Lou Reed and MMM (contractual obligations obliged)...

Haydn's on the next two posts - see you in three days...

Mr Oizo - (ee)
Mr Oizo - Vagiclean 2

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