Sunday, 12 August 2007

We are back online...

The FTP issues are now sorted so onwards with the blogging.

After Tony Wilson passed away on Friday night I think it's important to mention Rob Gretton too. Hannett has had plenty of press regarding who he was and what he could do behind the desk  but Gretton tends to play a less well known role to the average music lover compared to Wilson and the prodigiously talented producer.

Gretton, in a bid to save his own job as Joy Division's manager actually thought up the idea of staying fully independent because there was no way he was going to get on a train twice a week to London to deal with southerners especially now he was tasting success with Factory in it's early guise. If Wilson had his own way he would have probably have sold the bands for the cash so the original plan went.

The Hacienda was also his idea.

So to fallen heroes; especially those with their own FAC number - Martin Hannett, Tony Wilson and FAC 511.

(Here's a few tracks to make up for the lack of posting.)

Dance Floor Modulator - Juan McLean
The Comeback - Madlib
No Sale No ID - The Emperor Machine
Space Rock - Rockets

Consequence - Bugz in the Attic


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