Monday, 20 August 2007

The slog...

Manchester to Edinburgh and back gives you time to to make your way through umpteen Ipod shuffles, 'must listen to' playlists and various never touched albums from Napster. Here are the fruits of my listening labour for your pleasure. I did have a quite a few picked out but my ongoing issues with the damn machine means I can't get iTunes to convert the handful of m4a's to mp3 so I will leave you with the three that stood out and I will post the rest later. I am hating on my computer at the moment.

More modulating synths, an incredible bass performance from Atlantic Conveyor and a mad little tune from Herman's Rocket that's probably done the rounds endlessly on the blogs but it must be posted again.


Parallels - Invaders

Atlantic Conveyor - We Are

Herman's Rocket - Space Woman


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