Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Rex vs Sly

Rex the dog is being posted purely for the intro (although I like a lot of the Depeche Mode stuff) - it keeps finding itself at the start of my ipod shuffle which is weird considering how much is on there. Again it's that analogue electro warmth that draws me to the track but one minute in a unashamedly 80's synth kicks in. Probably on the wrong side of cheesy. Check his Prototype video.

Sly gets on there for no other reason than this track tipped The Family Stone for me. They were always one of those bands that were referenced by all the modern artists that I loved, but I didn't really get them. I had the tunes, paid lip service but deep down I couldn't get into them, until this track. There's bigger tunes from Sly and probably funkier beats but the groove on this one was my wake up call. I think I was trying to master that flicky guitar riff at the time too...

Depeche Mode - Photographic (Rex The Dog Remix)

Sly and the Family Stone - Runnin' Away


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