Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Having just returned from the White Isle slightly confused, sunburnt and dehydrated I'm relishing the posting of a couple of tracks for you (thanks to Haydn for keeping things ship shape in the meantime). Funnily enough I can't say I heard anything amazingly ground braking when I was over there but that wasn't really why I went. I have a bunch of friends who've been going out there every year for a while and always stay in San An. When I first went out to Ibiza 7 years ago I was lucky enough to get into most of the clubs free, stayed in a villa in Saint Joseph, and didn't really experience the dirty delights/horrors of San Antonio. This time, funds dictated otherwise. And I loved it...

So a shout out to Wips for selling over-the-counter lager to a group of desperate English ruffians (urban supermarket terrorists so they are), many thanks to the taxi driver who took me home from DC10's despite me falling asleep and not giving fully coherent directions plus a cautionary word regarding sunburn; factor 6 tanning oil does not, I repeat does NOT stop you burning at Bora Bora. It just makes you greasy.

So here's to dancing with people from around the world despite not speaking their language. Two of the highlights were hearing Justice in Space and The Gossip in a tiny bar somewhere in San An.

I didn't hear Booka Shade - I just like them.

Booka Shade - Something Physical

The Gossip - Listen Up (MSTRKRFT Remix)

D.V.N.O (LA Riots Bootleg Remix)


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Anonymous said...

nice post, here's to dance floor democracy not vip elitism, glad the white island worked it's magic.
Mellow Jonny

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