Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday, Monday

It's all good, Monday out of the way. ElectroFunk maestro chopping stuff up. Don't know we're born I tell 'ya...

Paul Woodford Presents Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (Greg Wilson Edit)

Black Devil Disco Club - I Regret The Flower Power (Dub Version)

Sumeria (Don Ray) - Why Must There Be An End (Album Mix)


smith3000 said...

Curse those noisy Germans talking over the top!

You got an English edit?

(I did like the reel-to-reel action though ...)

Tom said...

Couldn't find an English version on you tube - I think the German bits are quite funny with hints of Gregs accent underneath. I will check again and dig one out if I can. Cheers, Tom

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