Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ugly Talented Mix Series: No.3 - Another Night On Earth

Once again we are honoured to present an amazing mix from our friends electric. This time we present a mix from the foremost mp3 blog in the Southern Hemisphere, Another Night On Earth.

Chris Keyz, who runs this fine blog, will need no introduction to many of you as his blog reaches far and wide - but this isn't just down to Chris being one of the nicest blokes out there, no Sir. It is basically due to his high musical standards and impeccable eye (as can be seen in his choice of picture for his Hot R.S - Slow Blow post from a few weeks back).

There's plenty in the pipeline from Chris to look out for but in the meantime make sure to check out his Press Play series of mixes as well as more of his own mixes which you can find strewn across cyberspace if you know where to look. For this mix Chris gives us an insight into his love of midtempo groovers mixing new releases with some firm favourites thrown in for good measure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Chris Keyz...

LoveBubble a mix by Chris Keyz for Ugly Talented

Thanks to all who contributed to the playlist challenge. Chris has now put us out of our collective misery - many thanks go out to him again for a fantastic mix.

01. Tom Scott - Burundi Beat
02. DJ Harvey - Shine On (edit of Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff)
03. Be - Provelove (remix/edit of Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love)
04. Hot Coins - Dance Valet
05. Randee Jean - Pruning
06. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
07. Jackson Jones - Put Your Pants On (Pilooski Edit)
08. Modern Sound Corprotaion - Safari pt2
09. Escort - Starlight
10. Beauregard, Violetti & Ste-Claire - Ce Soir (Mike Burns Edit)
11. Fern Kinney - Groove Me (Cosmo Vitelli Re-Edit)
12. The Main Stem - Nubile Disco (sketch)
13. Lovefingers - Zoysia
14. Caroline Crawford - Coming On Strong (Floordub 'Coming On Slow' Edit)
15. Coke Escovedo - Runaway


seandonson said...

Awesome mix Mr Keys! I've only heard two tracks on this mysterious mix...
20:15 Jackson Jones- I Feel Good (Pilooski Edit)
34:45 Escort- Starlight
Other than that he's got me stumped.

Haydn said...

Good spot Sean.

There's still a few easy gaps to fill yet.

Marc Kets said...

17:21 - Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Danny Krivit edit, I think)
52:52 is driving me crazy because I know that I have it but can't for the life of me remember what it is called. I'll have a root around my collection later and dig it out.

Haydn said...

Thanks for dropping by Marc.

Sergio Rizzolo said...

The one after Bill is probably called "To prove my love", at least that's what I would sing just after it fades away.
I think it could be Ned Doheny?

At 43:10 he's playing Fern Kinney - Groove Me (Cosmo Vitelly re-edit) followed by Lovefingers - Zoysia
at 47:53.

Everything else is great, whatever it is..

christopher keys said...

thanks everybody for checking it out, I really appreciate the support..

Mr editmeister Rizzolo is on the money with both those spots...

Haydn said...

Great spot Sergio.

rhys said...

top mix, some solid tracks.

Mr Mr said...

Well Lovefingers track is at 52.52 not at 47.53
Edit please

Haydn said...

Thanks mr mr. Do you know what any of the remaining blanks are?

Haydn said...

Oh, before I forget, thanks to all from DJ History forum who have helped.

Shout out to Mike Burns for spotting his own edit!

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