Sunday, 24 February 2008

Freeez - Southern Freeez

How good were the British pop charts in 1981? The Passions, Talking Heads, The Jam and Beggar and Co? Awesomo.

Watch out for more classic Brit Funk over the coming weeks.

Grace Jones - Walking In The Rain

Manzel - Space Funk

The Funk Brothers - Tell Me It's Just A Rumor Baby [Instrumental]


Anonymous said...

awesome video! made me want to get up and shake

La Chips said...
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La Chips said...

thanks for the grace jones cover!
the original is here

great blog btw!!!

Haydn said...

Thanks la chips.

My friend and I tried to do a re-edit of the original when we had a studio in Sydney - which we thought would be rather fitting. Anyway, we decided that it was best left alone as it is great as is.

FATP did a few other great tracks such as Midnight Man and Waiting For A Train.

Anonymous said...


Dave Camera said...

Can you guys tell me why there was so much original diverse music back in the days, and ehile there are some great music today, its not as original as it used to be?

Is it just the commercial aspect that has gotten out of control or there is more to it?

Charles Martin @ Kids Dance Shoes said...

It's totally the commercialization and sterilization that has, I feel, diminished today's pop music in terms of diversity, soul, originality, sophistication, and many other adjectives that are mostly "felt".

Also, the fact that there is usually just one company that determines the song lists for scores of radio stations (at least in the U.S)leads me to think that eventually the music most people will think as good pop music is homogenized and stale.

Anyway, that's my opinion. The moral of the story? Stay away from the radio and find music that is from the past or in today's fringes, because it will most likely be really good!

Thanks for the youtube!

15090056 said...

what has happened to music today? sad sad.

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