Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tom Cruise's Leaked Scientology Video

Click here to see the full, jaw droppingly funny 9 minute version.

"Earth calling Tom Cruise, Earth calling Tom Cruise."

OK, so this is not the usual kind of video that we link to but think of this as a public service. We have a right to know, what narcotics are these Scientologists handing out with KSW?

El Coco - Coco Kane

Masters At Work - Justa Lil' Dope

Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Ain't Cool (Instrumental)

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Anonymous said...

i use to be in the church... i dont run with the church anymore... i never thought tom was a good spokes person, but i must add they are against drug use, i mean the man has made alot of money being tom.. and people buy the tom product,, i did learn most of his skills from the church.. but as a person we are diffrent just tom seems to go over board!!.. nuff said .. dig your site !!

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