Monday, 15 October 2007

Cassius and Pharrell

Pharrell and Cassius on making '15 Again'. No sign of Hugo (possibly the real genius?).

Cassius - Au Reve

Liars - Pure Unevil

Dappled Cities Fly - Fire Fire Fire (Loving Hands Remix)


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Phillyster said...

Love Cassius.
Pharrell is still a pretentious prick.
I was a limousine driver for him once on a promotour in Germany and I had the Meters playing from cd in the car. He asked my who it was as he had no clue.
I told him the Meters genius 70s band with tracks like Just kissed my baby etc. He hadn`t even heard of them before. Hugo is the the One he has a family rarely goes on public dates and knows his shit.
Pharrell is just lucky that clothes look good on him.

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